Have you heard of fab? It's an ever changing, limited collection of modern, amazing items.

For the first time ever, I ordered something from them. I had admired them from afar for awhile, and it was finally time. I got this herb print.

Unfortunately, it arrived bent, creased right down the middle. I didn't blame fab, but their number was the one on the package, so I called them. The customer service lady was sweet as can be, easy to talk to, and called me by name in a casual, friendly way. I said it was creased. She said the new one was on its way. She added that she had given my account $15 of credit. That was it. She didn't ask for anything back. She didn't ask for proof that it was bent. Now I have a creased print, a new print on the way, and $15 more to spend at fab.

You know that feeling when you call a company about something being wrong? When you hang up, you feel like you just fought a battle. When I got off the phone with fab, I felt like I had just been given a gift. Amazing customer service: That's what I'm saying. Buy from fab.

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