Christmas tree in a mason jar

Today is the first full day of Christmas break. All that stands between me and post-college bliss {don't burst my bubble} is a couple hundred dollars and a semester of student teaching. To celebrate the first day of Christmas break, I whipped out the hot glue gun and got a little festive. I can't find the place where I saw this originally, but I didn't make it up. {there were way more pictures of this originally, but my blog ate them}

  • Hot glue gun + hot glue
  • Clean mason jar
  • Small Christmas tree (dollar store 2-pack)
  • Fake snow

So, this whole project cost a couple of dollars, and I have like 90% of a bag of snow left. 
Step one: Glue the Christmas tree to the lid of the mason jar.
Step two: Fill the mason jar with snow {less than you think}
Step three: Place lid on top of mason jar.
Step four: Screw on, flip over, and shake like a small child. 

So far this is the only Christmas tree we have, but hopefully this weekend we'll get on that. I would show you some more of the house/decorations (in fact, I've been wanting to), but there are Christmas presents sitting around, waiting for wrapping paper, another coat of paint, or a couple more stitches. So, no peeking. You know how life in December is. Chilly and covered in sparkles. 

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