Finicky: To like change so much that people peg you as unpredictable.

Every once and a while, I think we have arrived. As though we've made it to the magical place where everything is meant to be as it is, with no need for change. Never, though have we stopped our cars there. Not for so much as a luncheon, because I, for one, am finicky. I thrive on change. I lap it up, like water from the creek on a blistering day. Change is something {one of the only things} I can create for myself and be satisfied with.

And then, a month later, with no warning whatsoever, a little bit of finick sneaks in again, and I ask those around me, "Why, do you suppose, I moved that here?" To which the reply remains the same, "You wanted a change? Remember?" And in those moments, I never can.

But here we are again, back at the beginning. With different chairs, in the same spots, and no coffee table in the middle, but two on the sides. We knew we'd be back and settle easily into the same mold again.

My children will grow up in an ever changing atmosphere, and I hope it will help them to take change easily, as though lifting their feet as the wave carries them a step backwards. You can always take the step forward again once the wave has set you down, but if you brace yourself against it, you are robbed of the ride.

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