I'm human. I'm also related to my mother. She seems to think I'm not, but I legitimately am. I guess all my talk of taking stuff to the thrift store has her worried. Like, if she handed me a family heirloom I would quickly drive it to the nearest thrift store.

This post is to put her at ease. Honestly, I am nostalgic. In the recently made pile of "headed to the thrift store" stuff we currently have:

1. A cheap globe that I painted on and no longer like {I don't like to keep failed projects. It reminds me of how crafty I want to be, but am not}
2. A throw pillow {I still like it, we just have like 8 throw pillows for one bed and a couch. Overkill}
3. Picture frames that are cream. {I'm trying to move away from cream things. There is too much cream in the world and not enough color/bright white.}
4. A bathroom rug {It's white. Yes, I know I just said that I'm moving toward bright white things, but not rugs. We are too dirty for white bathroom rugs. Someone else can enjoy it.}
5. Clothes that are too big {Self-explanitory}

See, mom? I have my salt and pepper shakers safely in the china cabinet, my favorite childhood books on the bookshelf, and those Coca-Cola bell bottoms that Grandma wore, in the closet. They don't fit me anymore but they hold family significance and will be saved forever. :)

I have my American Girl doll tucked away, and a shell necklace {that has some sort of family significance and I think came from Hawaii} saved for future dress-up. I have no attachment to things I purchased as an 18 year old with no sense of style, but I have a deep attachment to all things family. This includes huge pieces of furniture and little silver envelopes that say "My daughter and my friend."

I love family and I love nostalgia. Really, my purging habits are just to let everyone else in the world know that I don't hang on to everything.

But Francis the bunny rabbit who I carried around as a small child? Loving him will not be optional for my children. I'm speaking about forced-rabbit-love. :) I'm hanging onto family things. And anything old/cool. This includes hardback books and handwritten post cards. Really, I keep things. I do.

Please, don't take me out of the will. I can't promise I'll keep all of your shoes, but I promise to keep all of your pictures. The important things, mom. I promise to always treasure the important things. :)

{and anything vintage/mid century. that stuff too.}  :)

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