We've officially decided when we will start trying to have kids. Just for the record, the thought makes me giddy and fills me with butterflies at the same time. Like, first kiss butterflies, not singing on stage butterflies.

Something about adding a baby to the mix makes me want to declutter. Or at least continue getting rid of the things I don't love. These things, as always, change in waves. I get rid of 20 things that I don't love, but then once they are gone, there are 20 new things, that I thought I loved when there were other things that I definitely didn't love. And so the wave beats against the shore and the thrift store bags fill with the same relentlessness.

I even got a book from the library that was supposed to help me throw out fifty things. But they wanted me to start in the junk drawer (which we don't have) and then move to the medicine cabinet which has a grand total of 3 things in it. It wasn't very helpful. I need someone to be like, "Tell me why this makes the cut." Then I have to think about its back story and decide if I will really use it in the future. Just typing this, I can thing of some things that will be expelled from casa de nowak.

Wait, were we talking about babies? Oh, well. My blog posts have kinda been "catch all" lately. Like, it's too hot to have any real inspiration (without turning the a/c on, but I'm too cheap for that) so I'll be like Little Lottie and let my mind wander from thing to thing with no real direction or purpose.

 But there is a moral: Only keep things in your house that you love (and you can love something because it is practical) and have babies.

Why should you have babies? So you can build them colorful cardboard houses and hang their art on your walls. Oh the things you can do with washi tape.

tape art

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