me and dolly

Four years ago, Dolly Parton retired her $750,000 RV and upgraded. In the spirit of getting to know the founder of the park, Matthew and I decided we would wait in line to tour Dolly's RV. The tour guide gave us the normal run down. Who slept where, who cooked, who cleaned, and how the RV could drive non-stop from Knoxville to L.A. on its 300 gallon tank. All interesting stuff, but I'm nosier than that.

I noticed that the closet doors had zip ties on them and the drawers were all secured closed. I didn't mention it, but it stirred a nosy urge inside of me as he showed us from compartment to compartment. Then, under one of the bench seats at the kitchen table, I saw a small drawer. While he was telling us about the stove, I gave it a tug with my foot. You may call it curiosity, but really I felt immensely rebellious, like I was sneaking around. When the drawer didn't budge, I squatted down to give it a yank with my hand.

The tour guide saw me {after all, there were only five people in the RV} and said, "I've don't normally let people poke around, but I admire your curiosity. You've found yourself a treasure."

I pulled harder and a short drawer slid out and stopped my tug. It was unsatisfying. The bench was so long, and this drawer was insufficient to fill the space. One last yank, as I abandoned the fear of breaking the drawer, and another half emerged to reveal a wooden slat with a slit cut into it. Like the back half of the drawer was a box with a lid. I didn't even look to the tour guide for permission, as I lifted the lid. There, behind the drawer, under the bench, in the kitchen on Dolly's retired RV was a combination safe. Suddenly, Dolly and I were compatible. We had a secret to share, which in turn I have shared with you. Mostly, of course, so that you can understand how valuable all those long nights of Nancy Drew books turned out to be.

When making our list of top five faves on the way home, this adventure made both of our lists. Don't you just love stumbling upon a hidden combination safe in the back of a celebrity's kitchen drawer? It has to be one of the most exciting, childish feelings in the world.

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  1. Okay I love, love, love this! I'd love it a forth time if I was the one who found it


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