foxy lady

That would be me. At least for today, I am straight up foxy.

How much would you pay for a legit "Saga Fox" jacket that makes you look like a marshmallow and feel like a kitten? No, you would not believe how amazing I feel in this jacket. I didn't say I looked amazing, but I feel fantastic. It doesn't even fit, May is quickly approaching, and I am still dying for an occasion to wear it.

This jacket is worth up to $600 online, and we paid a buck for it which is ammmazing. If you're like, "Yes, I would pay $500 for that foxy jacket." {or $400... or $300} Then, in exchange for that check, I will be willing to part with it.

Until one of you mails me that check, it will hang out on the side of our wingback chair and I will pet it as though it is the kitten we aren't allowed to have.

How about you? Do you have any legit fur? Does it also make you feel like Cruella DeVille, but in the best way possible? :)

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