just in time

I am perfectly aware that most fifteen year old girls don't go to Big Lots and buy "the clock" they'll use in their living room someday. To be honest, I'm not sure if that makes me "prepared" or over anxious. It's certainly possible that I jumped the gun, since I'm not in love with this clock like I thought I would be.

The funny thing is that I thought I would have a very classy black and white living room with damask print on the chairs and walls covered in black and white pictures. I thought I was going to grow up and be Audrey Hepburn. Well, I didn't. But, here's the clock that Audrey Hepburn would have purchased.

While, I still like it up close, it looks like a simple black box from across the room. That's a little hint for everyone who is just getting things for their house. Always look at things from the distance people will primarily be seeing them. Anyways, I wanted to add something to it, so that it would read less Audrey Hepburn and more.. me. :)

Ever since we made our cork board, we have had some foam board left over. I cut a triangle from the board, and used it as a stamp.

A little white paint later, I was left with a quick geometric update that helps me like this bookshelf immensely more. It's not the only update I'm making to this bookshelf; in fact I'm adding white in several places to tie it all together. Here's what it looks like from a little farther away.

Not perfect, but that's the way {uh huh, uh huh} I like it.

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  1. Thats so sweet you bought it planning for your "grown up" house. My best friend at home was exactly like that, stockpiling glasses etc for when she had her own home. xox


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