twas the night before Valentine's Day...

And Matthew was annoyed, while Amanda was clueless. Here's the story.

This morning I had school from 7:30-11:50 and Matthew had work from 5:00-11:30. We got home right around the same time {his work is not as close as the school}. I told him that my work day had been extended from 1:30-5 to 1:30-7:45. I told him that  my boss invited him to join me. Watch kids. Eat a free dinner. I expected him to be all about it {he loves kids and pizza}.

Matt- "Well I'm going out to Norris to drop off the job application, so I'll come over later."
Me- "It's only 25 minutes away and we have an hour and a half before work. Let's go together!":)
Matt- "Yeah, that makes sense. Ok."

We go. We drop off the job application. We make it to work with 15 minutes to spare. Matt seems a tad annoyed, but after hours of playing with Caroline {the youngest of the two girls I watch} he was in a super bright mood. We drive home.

Matt- "I'll take you home, grab the movies, take them to the library, and then go up and take the trash out at Emory Road {part of his lawn care job}."

We get home.

Me- "I'll just stay in the car. I might as well keep you company!" :)

I love him. I was just trying to spend every minute I could with him.

Matt- "................"

Me- "What? You don't want me to come?" {picture a slightly hurt, clueless female}

Matt- "............. I've been trying to get away all day!! The one thing I was going to get for you I'll have to get tomorrow because it's too late now, but there's still one thing I can get. But not if you keep going everywhere with me!"

:) How cute is he? And he's not even a procrastinator. He says whatever it is couldn't have been purchased before today... No idea what that means. :)

In other news...

Here's Matthew and Caroline. Matthew was laying on his stomach halfway on the tiles, halfway on the carpet with his arms folded just so....

Distractedly playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge, Caroline suddenly noticed him. She {literally} dropped what she was doing and went to lay next to him. Scooting her body to be half on the carpet, she crossed her arms just like him. I can't wait for the day I can take this picture with two Nowaks in it.

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  1. HAHA! That was a really cute story...


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