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I am awful at blogging. I go places and forget to take pictures.

We just spent a couple of days in Hampton Roads again. Matthew and I drove up on Wednesday and stayed at my Grandparents in Poquoson. We're doing the whole "every other year" thing with our families and it was "Pearson" family Thanksgiving this year. First of all, it was weird because mom and Andrew were down in Florida visiting Pensacola Christian College. Second of all, it was weird because I had no desire at all to brave Hampton Roads traffic for some Black Friday savings.

The only thing I did on Black Friday was meet {my best friend} Julia for the first time since our wedding at Starbucks. Afterwards we walked around the ashes of our home church. As we said our goodbyes, Julia hit our friendship dead on. "It's funny how we don't talk at all for months, but then we can pick up our friendship whenever we see each other, because we're best friends." Thanks for being a fantastic best friend Julie.

This Thanksgiving I am non-inclusively thankful for:

1. Nowaks (including, but not limited to, my handsome husband)
2. Grandparents
3. Pearsons
4. Cousins
5. Board games
6. Shrimp nachos
7. Best friends
8. Soft kittens
9. Vintage markets

Matthew and I stopped in Charlottesville to do a little Christmas shopping and found an adorable thank you card cleverly featuring Matthew's favorite actor.

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