home sweet home

I have never dreamed of a victorian manor. I have never even dreamed of a two story house. I have always pictured myself in a one story brick house with three bedrooms and a big backyard. There's an extra room for homeschooling, and a shed or garage for Matthew to have a workshop in. There are hardwood floors throughout and a fireplace for marshmallow toasting. I don't daydream about granite countertops or waterfall showers. Just enough counter space to prepare meals for a family of 12 and two shower heads in the master bath. I don't care how ugly the walls are when we see them for the first time. I don't care if the wallpaper is already falling off of the walls. Less work for me later. That being said, one story, three bedroom, two bath, brick houses with a reasonable backyard still don't come free.

It keeps hitting me. Someday, when the school bills are paid and it is time, we will need thousands of dollars to claim the little house that the Lord has for us. I love Virginia. We love Virginia. We were both raised there and have the best memories in the homeschool community that we experienced. We want our children to have that same world to live in. We want our children to grow up near their Grandparents. We want to serve the Lord at Tidewater. But we can't get there without the money saved. I know that is a no brainer, but sometimes those are the hardest things to wrap your mind around. We will no longer be coming home every time my school has break. Not because we don't want to be there. On the contrary. We will not be coming home because of how much we want to be there, permanently. We will be here, saving money and waiting.

You'll still see us at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You'll always be welcome to visit us.

We're coming, Virginia. In the Lord's perfect timing, we'll be there.

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  1. Amen Amanda. I am so grateful to know you and thank God for the chance to be encouraged by you. I pray that in God's timing you and Matthew will be able to make Virginia your permanent home and that maybe our kids will grow up together in this homeschool community : )


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