money in a jar

Have you seen UP? You know, the cute disney/pixar movie that makes you laugh and cry? If you haven't then I want you to stop reading and go watch it... or at least watch this clip.

Are you crying? You should be. Well, when you finish crying, try to think back to the clip where they filled their adorable money jar with coins. Even though their jar never got them to Paradise Falls, it was the perfect way to try and it makes me smile everytime {plus, they have nesting dolls in the background that make me jealous of their decor}.

UP just happens to be the first movie Matthew and I ever saw together. Not on a date. Actually we were in a giganormous group of friends and acquaintances. Even though I saved him a seat {hoping}, he still didn't sit next to me. Oh well. We both really enjoyed the movie's unique storyline and playful characters. I saw the money jar and thought something along the lines of, "Yes, please."

Once we started dating we began to save our coins together, slowly outgrowing each container we found. Matthew's sister Chris is one of the managers of a CHKD in Norfolk, and we asked her to keep an eye out for a large glass jug that we could collect our change in. I remember being surprised by how fast she came across exactly what we were looking for.

I added the cork {nice touch, eh?} but all in all it's been perfect. You can't really tell in the picture, but the jar is probably two feet tall and it's about 2/5 full. Honestly, I want to get it full just to see how much it'll hold. I already can't lift it. If we move before we fill it, we'll be rolling it onto the moving truck. We've already vowed to {unlike Carl and Ellie} save it for something super special {like Matt's first trip out of the country, an awesome anniversary cruise, adopting a child, or a down payment on a house}. Who knows what it will really go toward, but I get giddy every time I drop coins into it just thinking about it!

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