A year ago {as most of you know} I was living in the quaintest sturdy farmhouse you can imagine, sipping tea after every meal.

My home was located in Evesham, England, and I was living with 11 people I barely knew. Oh, how things changed. We got to know each other well. We became a family. Here we are, where they built the {real} Titanic.

Basically, I've been looking at old pictures and thinking through the awesome places I got to go. I want to share them here with you, because this experience is as much a part of me as anything.

The view from my bedroom window as the sun sets on a frosty world.

Homemade apple cider in the fall.

Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Loch Ness

Big Ben

The London Eye
The Tower Bridge (London Bridge)

There are hundreds more that I could share, equal in grace and beauty, speaking of a time long before America was even discovered. The United Kingdom holds a forever place in my heart.

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  1. Ruth Derhammer9/27/11, 9:00 PM

    It is hard to believe it has been almost a year. I miss you all so much, and England is a constant Reminder of what God can do, and how majestic is His creation.


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